Ours is a community of learning, where secure partnerships create opportunities for students, staff, governors, parents and carers alike to participate and grow to become intellectually, emotionally and socially Fit for Life.

The curriculum at Cedars Academy is broad, balanced, challenging and engaging. It is individualised, responsive and rich; it is focused on the promotion of communication, emotional development, resilience, and the development of personal and social skills. We place a significant emphasis on enrichment activities; promoting self-esteem and developing relationships.

Our Curriculum Map is altered on an annual basis to reflect different class groupings and ensure a broad coverage of the National Curriculum throughout each pupil’s journey in Key Stage 1 & 2.  Class teachers also take into account pupils interests so that a higher level of engagement is facilitated.  Each teacher uses our ROAD MAP system (English and Maths) and Rising Stars Progression Framework to ensure that they are secure in their assessment of each child, their starting points and routes for progression.  Class teachers provide detailed medium term and short term plans which are highly personalised to cater for individual needs. As a result our curriculum is highly differentiated so that all children can make progress to the best of their abilities.

All teachers:

  • Ensure progression is maximised by linking planning and assessment coherently.

  • Focus on the child as a learner.

  • Provide activities which are interesting, exciting and motivating for the learner, recognising that the engagement of the child is key.

  • Promote a positive attitude toward learning where children enjoy their work and play and acquire a good basis for lifelong learning.

  • Ensure a happy and safe environment where everyone feels valued and can subsequently achieve their full potential.

  • Focus on learner voice and how this can inform curriculum development Work as a team to set targets and ensure the best outcomes for all children.

More detailed curriculum information and answers to specific questions can be obtained at any time from class teachers. Further information on the thinking behind our curriculum and how we deliver it can be found in our ‘Curriculum’ and ‘Teaching and Learning’ policies which are published on our website.

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Primary KS1/2 Curriculum
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