What does Cedars Student Council do? 
The student council is made up of a group of Cedars students who have been elected to speak on behalf of the whole student body. They are the voice of the students.

Members of the student council are responsible for discussing ways to make Cedars the best possible place for every student.  Then they put the ideas that have been agreed into place, such as planning social or fundraising events, improving areas of school or meeting with catering staff.

Sports Hall Update 15.10.20

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Autumn Half Term Message to Parents

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Student Council Christmas 2019 VIDEO

Community Voice Report to Governors October 2019

What jobs are there? 

Each year, every class will normally elect 2 representatives to be members of the student council. The council then meets to elect the Student Council Executive, consisting of:

  • Chair

  • Vice Chair

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Social Co-ordinator

  • Charity Co-ordinator


Cedars students hold elections for these positions in September. This year we were pleased to add the role of Charity Co-ordinator. This role was devised by one of our students who is passionate about charity work.

Who's who in the Senior Student Council?


This year every class has at least one student representative within the Student Council.

What has Cedars Student Council achieved so far?

  • The council have worked with the catering staff to change how meals were served, and have implemented some changes to lunch time.

  • They polled the school to find a new name for the re-branded dining room. (Angel Café)

  • They researched and bought a bins for the school yard.

  • They have raised lots of money for charities including St Oswald's Hospice, Children in Need and the Poppy Appeal.

  • The Student Council are part of the interview process when new staff are recruited to the academy. They rigorously interview each candidate and then meet with the Senior Leadership Group to feedback about how they feel each person would benefit the students' experience at Cedars.

  • They have set up a mini-ambassadors who help show visitors around school.

  • They worked to help the school achieve the Silver Rights Respecting Award and are now working towards helping our school get the Gold Award.

  • They worked with the Emotional Wellbeing Team to help Cedars achieve the Wellbeing At School Award.

  • They are choosing how to spend some funds kindly donated.

Our Student Council also works closely with the Gateshead Youth Assembly (GYA) to ensure that our voice is heard across the borough, see GYA.

Contact: 0191 487 4595 / / Cedars Trust, Ivy Lane, Gateshead, NE9 6QD