Ours is a community of learning, where secure partnerships create opportunities for students, staff, governors, parents and carers alike to participate and grow to become intellectually, emotionally and socially Fit for Life.

The curriculum at Cedars Academy is broad, balanced, challenging and engaging. It is individualised, responsive and rich; it is focused on the promotion of communication, emotional wellbeing, resilience, and the development of personal and social skills. We place a significant emphasis on enrichment activities, promoting self-esteem and developing relationships.

Our Curriculum Vision


Is founded upon a developmental approach.  Each student has their own starting point and their own aspirations and these are used as the starting blocks on which to build a ‘person appropriate’ pathway​


Is relevant, purposeful and engaging and delivered within a learning environment that stimulates creativity, challenges, motivates and is rewarding and fun


Is different not differentiated


Is holistic in approach


Encourages students to establish connections through cross curricular and contextualised learning promoting deep learning


Focuses on the four key aspects of ‘Preparation for Adulthood’


Fully promotes the development of social, moral, spiritual and cultural character of each student throughout


Develops student voice and provides opportunities for connecting with others and participative citizenship


Has the promotion of physical health, social and emotional well-being at its core


Considers all aspects of school life as learning experiences


Is built around strong and meaningful partnerships with parents/carers


Employs the support, resources and involvement of other professionals and embraces a multi-agency approach to learning

Early Years and Foundation
Primary KS1/2 Curriculum
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