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We are all capable of great things


Over the many years that kestrels have been providing sporting and physical development we have been privileged to have worked with so many fantastic competitors, outstanding athletes and wonderful young people. 

We believe that a key indicator of our success is the promotion of lifelong, positive, physical and mental health development in our members.


So, for very many, the success that they enjoy when they attend our club activities, and the positive attitude and wellbeing that it brings,  leads to success in their social world, work opportunities and adult life. 

Below are just a few brief examples of the journey of some of our more recent members.....


Rebecca's story

I attended Gateshead Kestrels clubs and went to lots of competitions with them over the years. I started going to the clubs when I was in primary.


My first sports competition was the Mini Games in Stoke Mandeville from then I absolutely loved competing.


Kestrels got me involved in Boccia and I found I had a talent for it, I progressed right through to the boccia England camps and competed successfully at a national level.

Through the Kestrels I have participated in a wide range of outdoor and adventurous activities, including camping, hill walking, sailing and skiing. This has helped me to develop leadership skills, boosted my confidence and shown me that I can do anything that I put my mind to. 

In 2016 I successfully completed Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.


Without the Kestrels I would not have realised my full potential both in competitive sport and in my confidence, resilience and my social, employability and life skills. 


Joseph's story

I first got involved with Gateshead Kestrels around the age of 7 when I was invited to join their athletics club. This was my first taste of the sport I ended up falling in love with.


Kestrels also gave me my first experience of a competition and staying away from home overnight, helping my independence and self-confidence to no end, at the mini games in Stoke Mandeville, an experience I still remember to this day.

Since then my sporting endeavours have gone from strength to strength, so much so that I am now part of the British Athletics Paralympic pathway and am also current British T47 long jump record holder. This is a feat that I believe would never have been possible without the exposure and support given to me from Gateshead Kestrels as a youngster.

Not only has Gateshead Kestrels helped to develop me as an athlete, but also as a person. Whether it be volunteering at the Cedars summer camps or going on weekends away to the National Athletics championships, the Kestrels have helped me to develop my leadership, confidence, teamwork and independence, promoting me to become the person I am today. I can’t thank them enough. 


Steph's story

I have been involved with Gateshead Kestrels since I was 10 years old. Over the years I went to swimming competitions in Sheffield and athletics events in Blackpool.  I got spotted from a GB coach to pursue athletics. In 2012 I represented Great Britain for the first time. I have won 6 international medals.

I have also volunteered at the Activity Days which helped me gain experience working with children. This impacted on me significantly, so much so that I decided that I wanted to work with children full time. I am now a full time Teaching Assistant, and loving every minute of it.


Gateshead Kestrels have helped me to develop my confidence, social skills, life skills and independence.

I would not be the person I am today without Gateshead Kestrels.

Mark's story

I have been involved in the Gateshead Kestrels for many years. This club got me involved into sports at a very young age at Cedars Academy where I competed in regional/ national swimming and athletics sporting events over the years.


Kestrels also helped me achieve my Duke of Edinburgh bronze silver and even gold while I was a student at Cedars academy, I Also did a leadership programme where I gain a lot of leadership quality’s and skills through this.


The club also helped me gain my level 1 and level 2 in swimming teaching. 

I have developed so my skills through this club such as confidence in myself, gaining a lot of knowledge and skills through the years.  

I have volunteered for many years with the Kestrels and have helped out in 5 clubs a week also residential, sports trips, skiing in Italy and Duke of Edinburgh Award residentials.

I now work as a Level 3 Teaching assistant at Cedars Academy where I support in PE and also have taught many participants to swim over the years. I have always enjoyed swimming and teaching it as it’s a life skill I think the children gain a lot out of it...developing their physical, emotional and social skills through physical activity and sport.