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Bringing practitioners together


Re:SEND aims to create strong partnerships and collaboratives between local NE specialist schools and colleges to develop an ongoing professional learning community that sees practitioners collectively sharing and developing practice on an ongoing basis.


Our model is less about attending conferences and courses and more about school-based, peer-to-peer activities in which development is fused with routine practice.

Professional development becomes a continuous, pervasive process that builds craft knowledge, rather than an occasional activity that is sharply distinguished in time and space from routine classroom work.


Joint Practice Development (JPD) is a term that captures the essential features of this form of professional development:

- it is a joint activity, in which two or more people interact and influence one another, in contrast to the non-interactive, unilateral character of much conventional ‘sharing good practice’

- it is an activity that focuses on teachers’ professional practice, ie what they do, not merely what they know

- it is a development of the practice, not simply a transfer of it from one person or place to another, and so a form of school improvement